Welcome to O’Lily Down Art Studio! My name is Jessica Carter. In 2019, I entered the art scene as an emerging artist. I learned the technique of collage paper painting taking a class in 2010 with the famous Elizabeth St. Hilaire of Paper Paintings. I fell instantly in love with the process and finished two pieces. But, I put aside creating art and focused on my toddler and two older children. Here I am, nearly 10 years later, finding my joy and passion for mixed media, painting paper, ripping said paper, and gluing it into something that makes me happy.

Browse a few pieces from my portfolio and see how I manipulate hand torn painted paper into works of art. Each piece has a story that goes on in my mind as I create them. Please feel free to contact me with questions, studio requests, and commissions.

© 2019 Jessica M. Carter

Run in the Woods

20″x24″x2″Framed Cradled Birch Panel -Available

© July 2019 Jessica M. Carter

She stands speaking to your soul begging for a run in the woods; away from the fences for a day. The inherent fear deep within forces her to run faster and faster causing her to feel alive. 
That same thought plays over and over in her mind on the track. The hooves pounding hard into the soil charging behind her “RUN! RUN! RUN!”, her adrenaline pumps. She is ALWAYS in the lead. Her will to survive, so great. She wants nothing more than to get back to this moment, with you. Beckoning you to come alive with her again, on a “Run in the Woods”. 

Humming Along

12×12 Cradled Birch Panel- -Sold

© June 2019 Jessica M. Carter

There is beauty and peace in this noisy, often ugly world. You only need to get out there and seek all the joy life has to offer.

Old Man and The Sea

9×19 Beveled Wooden Panel -Sold

© June 2019 Jessica M. Carter

This old guy has seen some things, been through some things, and does not care one bit what you think of him! He is quite handsome in spite of what life has given him!

Little Lotus

9×12 Framed Cradled Birch Panel-1″ -Available

© July 2019 Jessica M. Carter

This little beautiful lotus often grows in water with prehistoric dinosaurs that lurk and strike fear in all. This little lotus fears nothing! It stands strong, pushing aside any lily pad standing in its way of showing the world it’s beauty. May you find the same strength within yourself! Be the “Little Lotus”.

Inner Beauty

8×10 Framed Cradled Wooden Birch-1″ -Available

© June 2019 Jessica M. Carter

This swamp egret knows that it is beautiful and is waiting for you to stop and take a photograph. Quick, before it wanders off to catch a frog!

Oh My Deer!

8×10 Framed -Sold

© June 2019 Jessica M. Carter

Caught Looking

16×16 Wooden Panel-1″

© March 2010 Jessica M. Carter

I sketched out this lovely gnome and was surprised that I actually could sketch something I saw in my mind. Being able to get this image to the board and then rip and tear paper was exciting. This was the second piece I ever created back in 2010. I was fascinated with manipulating paper to make my art look real.

This piece is exactly why you want to seal your paintings, he has faded tremendously. I guess the fact he sat on my windowsill in my classroom for as long as he’s been around didn’t help. I loved sharing my gift with my first grade students.

I was going to sketch him on the board I am painting but I do not think I want to go that route. I am also kind of at a stand still…I want his mustache and beard to kind of come out of the painting and tickle your cheek when you get close. I do not know how to do that…or the notion hasn’t taken me yet. The painting is going to be called “Caught Looking”. I like that name because…is the gnome looking at you or are you looking at him???? I love gnomes!


It is at this moment when I realized that I am much better at “free handing” collage than I am at underpainting. Sometimes I will, sometimes I won’t. That is what sets artists apart and what makes art, art.

Golden Apple

16×16 Framed Wood Panel- 1″ -Available

© March 2010 Jessica M. Carter Photo taken 7/2019

This is the first piece I created and then put together at Elizabeth St. Hilaire’s class in 2010. It was then that I realized that I loved the process. This piece sat in my classroom for many years, perfect for a teacher and to inspire my students to always have dreams.


Photo taken 2010

Notice the fading. Between not sealing and using a less quality acrylic does not work out. Invest in quality paints and glues to keep your artwork beautiful for a very long time.

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